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Learn the story of our customer service company that just happens to sell fishing electronics.

Our Story

The Bass Tank was founded in 2018 by Scott Palmer. It began when Scott helped reinstall a Garmin unit on a boat that had been horribly misconfigured by the shop from which it was purchased. Scott, who is an engineer by trade, ended up helping others properly install, wire, and organize their fishing electronics so they can get the most value out of their fishing technology investments. With more and more friends and referrals coming Scott’s way, it quickly became apparent that many other anglers across the country have similar issues and Scott began brainstorming on how to become a part of the solution.

Thus, The Bass Tank was born.

As fishermen themselves, the ultimate satisfaction for The Bass Tank team comes from assisting customers in catching more fish. This is accomplished by getting them the right equipment, with the correct installation, and teaching them how to leverage their new toys to put more fish in the boat.

The Bass Tank Difference

There are a lot of fishing electronics companies that sell the same products we do, but there are few irreplaceable elements that The Bass Tank offers that enrich your fishing experience and that the big box stores can't ever hope to match.

  • On-demand help from our team of passionate anglers from our HQ in Sapulpa, Oklahoma

  • Professional electronics and equipment installation services that are optimized for your boat and fishing style

  • On-the-water training with expert technicians that help you master your equipment and enjoy more time on the water

The Bass Tank Leadership Team

Scott Palmer


Scott grew up on a fish farm but began fishing when his father would take him to fish in local ponds and creeks. It wasn’t until Scott was in high school when he was introduced to lake fishing by a close friend. Over the years he has logged countless hours using and troubleshooting electronics, making him a very knowledgeable fisherman.

The 3 Pillars of The Bass Tank

First and foremost we are fishermen

From the founders to our sales team and everyone in between, every member of The Bass Tank shares an unquenchable passion for the physical, emotional, and spiritual enrichment only fishing can bring.

Unparalleled customer service

Call it an old-fashioned notion, but we believe that our secret to success is the trust-based relationships we build with our customers and the unbeatable support we consistently provide.

Support and education

Whether you're on the pro circuit or a weekend angler, we're with you every step of the way providing service, training, and educational content that helps you enjoy more time on the water.