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Lithium Pros M3132 12.8V/132 Ah Lithium Ion Marine Battery - Trolling/Deep Cycle
Lithium Pros M3132 12.8V/132 Ah Lithium Ion Marine Battery - Trolling/Deep Cycle
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Lithium Pros M3132 12.8V/132 Ah Lithium Ion Marine Battery - Trolling/Deep Cycle

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Product Details

M31132 12V 132Ah Marine Starting Battery

The M31132 is a Lithium Ion Battery for the angler who will accept no compromises in a starting battery. This is the most capacity and cranking power that we can fit in a standard Group 31 case. (13″ L x 6.81″ W x 8.43″ T)

It features one of the most advanced internal battery management systems in the marine industry today. This fully integrated digital battery management system insures long life and trouble free service all safely sealed inside a lightweight box. This battery features 1,500 Marine Crank Amps (Eq) and will have no trouble starting most conventional outboard engines on the market today. It can safely be used with any outboard charging system that is AGM and Gel battery compatible including Yamaha SHO. See Yamaha FAQs

This 12V 132Ah Marine Starting Battery has a whopping 260 minutes of reserve capacity, the highest on the market in a Group 31 case. This is the battery of choice for boats with multiple 12″ graphs with pro anglers using this battery with up to five graphs running simultaneously.

Having trouble with graphs resetting during an engine crank? The high power Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry used in this battery holds a higher voltage as it is discharged eliminating this “reset” issue. Avoid going to two 12V batteries when moving to 12″ graphs by choosing Lithium Pros!

Charging is simple because your existing 12V AGM or Gel battery compatible charger will work fine.*

In spite of all the power contained in this battery, it still ultra lightweight at an amazing 31 pounds! Bassmaster Elite angler Ott Defoe uses the M31132 exclusively. He converted over four years ago, and hasn’t looked back since!

*Ensure the charger’s float voltage is 13.5V or less. Do not “de-sulfate” any lithium ion battery

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